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Georgia Workers' Compensation Benefit Calculators

*But what if I am not totally disabled? What if I am on work restrictions and I am having to take a lower paying job because of my injury?

You are not eligible for TOTAL Temporary benefits, but you are eligible for Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) benefits. TPD benefits are paid when you have work restrictions and you are making less money either with your same employer or another. These benefits will be paid based on the difference between what you were making, and what you are making now.

*A further explanation of Impairment Ratings.

An Impairment Rating is a percentage of permanent disability or bodily loss that is set by your physician's evaluation of your injuries based upon "Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment," published by the American Medical Association (AMA).

Below is a simplified example for the Lumbar Spine (lower back):

Impairment Ratings for the Lumbar Spine vary from 0% to 28%:

  • ·         0% - Occasional soreness, no leg pain or numbness, no muscle spasms or weakness
  • ·         5-8% - Some back pain with heavy lifting, herniated disc, no pain in lower extremities, less than 25% compression of vertebrae
  • ·         10% - Pain with heavy lifting herniated disc, 25%-50% compression of one vertebrae
  • ·         13% - Persistent back and thigh pain, numbness in foot, herniated disc, 25%-50% compression of vertebrae
  • ·         20-23% - decreased range of motion, burst fracture, greater than 50% compression of one vertebrae
  • ·         25-28% - Back and thigh pain at rest, pain and numbness prevent subject from maintaining a constant position or prolonged standing or walking, greater than 50% compression of one vertebrae
  • Read more about how Impairment Ratings are calculated. -
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