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Hiring an Attorney: The Five Questions You Should Ask

1. How many years of experience do you have?

This seems to be an obvious question, but it is amazing how infrequently it gets asked. Experience is the key to the practice of law. The more experience an attorney has, the more likely they have had a case similar to yours. 

2. What percentage of your practice is in this area of the law?

It is challenging to be a "jack of all trades" in this day and time; the practice of law is becoming more and more specialized. It stands to reason that an attorney who concentrates their practice in a single area knows that area better than one who tries to do a little of everything. Also, relationships between opposing attorneys play a part in the successful resolution of a case. The more specialized an attorney is, the more likely they will know the opponent if the case goes to litigation.

3. Do you have malpractice insurance?

If the worst happens and your attorney commits malpractice, you do not want to try to collect from an uninsured individual. Also, if they have no insurance, there may be a reason, such as previous successful malpractice claims.

4. When I call your office, will I talk to your or one of your staff?

Paralegals and secretaries are essential to any successful practice and will be available to answer your call; however, you should speak directly with your attorney regarding specific or critical issues in your case.

5. Will you try my case yourself?

Often, high-volume lawyers never see the inside of a courtroom. The decision that you make in hiring an attorney will have more to do with the eventual result than any other decision you make on the claim. 
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